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HealThy Mouth System


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If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease or have signs of advanced gum disease like receding gums, loose teeth, abscessed tooth or pus...

Here is the system that can provide you with the tools, education, and feedback necessary to stop the damage and in some cases actually help you reverse the damage in your own mouth!

Read Susan’s story to learn how she reversed a 10+ mm pocket to only 3mm!

The Challenge of stopping Periodontal Disease...

As you now know, when gum disease progresses unchecked it creates ever deeper gum pockets and is called periodontal disease or periodontitis.  These gum pockets allow the disease causing bad bugs to organize and do their dirty work under cover and protected from being bothered by normal brushing and flossing.  (Here's an article that will help you have a solid fundamental understanding of how periodontal disease progresses and undermines our health.)

To effectively address periodontal disease, you need a tool that will reach into the bottom of the gum pocket and place an antibacterial solution at the base of the gum pocket!  Without a strategy to stop the infection at the base of deepening gum pockets, the 'bad bugs' implicated with periodontal disease will continue to undermine your health.

In fact, once gum disease creates pockets over 4mm deep, no toothbrush, floss, 'Waterpik', 'Hydrofloss' or mouthwash can stop it!

How effective is each oral hygiene tool at reaching into deep gum pockets to help restore health?

Pocket Depth Chart


How to Stop the Destruction

To stop periodontal disease requires:

  • The right tools
  • Coaching how to use the tools
  • Feedback whether what you are doing is working

The HealThy Mouth System delivers exactly:

  • the tools
  • the coaching
  • the feedback

you need to stop periodontal disease in your own mouth in the comfort of your own home!


What is included in the HealThy Mouth System?


The OraWellness Pocket Applicator

The OraWellness Pocket Applicator is the single most useful tool we have found to successfully stop bad bugs in deeply infected pockets at home.

The Pocket Applicator is the best tool available because it is specifically designed to reach into gum pockets. The OraWellness Pocket Applicator will give you the power to reach even the deepest gum pockets and address the bacterial infection that causes gum disease. I saved my gums and teeth by using this tool!

The OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend

The OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend is an organic toothpaste alternative which helps create a healthy mouth by:

  • Supporting a healthier balance of microbes in the mouth
  • Keeping disease-causing bacteria from effectively attaching to your teeth
  • Soothing stressed out gum tissue so the body can heal

A 25 minute Educational DVD

Step by step instructions how to use the OraWellness tools to help create lasting health in your mouth.

The DVD covers the following:

  • Getting to know your mouth (the most important step to begin to heal your mouth!).
  • How to make the antibacterial solution you will use with the pocket applicator.
  • Detailed explanation of how to use the pocket applicator.
  • The most effective tooth brushing technique for removing the bacteria that cause gum disease.
  • The most effective technique for cleaning the tongue of the bacteria that cause chronic offensive breath.

The HealThy Mouth Handbook (on CD)

The concise handbook that will teach you:

  • How to use the specific tools in the HealThy Mouth System
  • How to address gum disease from a whole body approach
  • How diet effects our ability to restore our mouths to health
  • How to navigate to greater life long health using both germ theory and cellular theory
  • How exercise plays into creating greater health and vitality
  • Specific ways to improve your sleep habits to increase healing

A Specially Designed Toothbrush

To be used with the bacteria removing brushing methods we teach in the DVD.

Although a ‘regular’ toothbrush can be used with the OraWellness HealThy Mouth Blend, we encourage the use of the special toothbrush and brushing technique that most effectively disrupts and disorganizes the bad bugs.

OraWellness Tongue Cleaner

Keeping the tongue clean is a critically important piece to the path to a healthy mouth.  The tongue is a major breeding ground for microbes.  In fact, 85% of bad breath comes from the tongue.  Clean the tongue daily and say 'good-bye' to bad breath!

The OraWellness Mouth Map

The OraWellness Mouth Map is a discovery tool to help you better understand what is really going on in your mouth.

Supporting you on the road a healthy mouth! A crucial piece of the HealThy Mouth System, the Mouth Map provides you with a feedback tool so you can see with your own eyes how using the tools and techniques in the HealThy Mouth System is working to support your mouth! Using the mouth map is a very important step in creating and maintaining a healthy mouth for life.

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