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Wholesale introduction card


Would you like to see OraWellness products in your local natural food store or health practitioner's office?

We are SO incredibly grateful that lots of customers have expressed their desire to help us spread the word about our products. 

Now we have an introduction card that will make the introduction so easy!

We see lots of ways this card can be used. 

Simply hand the card to:

    • the manager of the supplement section of your local health food store
    • the dental hygienist, dentist or front desk person at your solution-oriented dental office
    • your chiropractor, naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, nutritional coach, or other health practitioner


Thank you so much for wanting to help us place our products in your community!

Truly, this is the highest compliment anyone can give us!

(This introduction card is free so please only add this card to your cart when purchasing other products or our site will charge you for shipping the cards. :)

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