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WOW team training videos

How to create affiliate tracking links on Infusionsoft

and then find that tracking link in a specific affiliate's portal.


Timestamp highlights:

 0:24 Make sure the requested affiliate links really don't exist yet
         (Infusionsoft/Keep--> Referral Partners--> Referral Tracking Links)
0:49 Intro to the extra piece of code we'll need to add to the link
2:03 Referral link creation example 1: Susan's Story)
2:48 Circling back and copy/pasting that extra piece of code to the link you're creating
3:33 More details for link creation
4:15 Why we guide affiliates to the Healthy Teeth & Gums Starter Kit instead of the OW Starter Kit
4:51 Referral link creation example 2: Healthy Teeth & Gums Starter Kit
5:49 For product links, pay attention to the product variations that are selected before you copy the link
6:25 Creating the link for a specific affiliate / referral partner
6:50 Finding that specific affiliate's referral partner record & logging into their affiliate portal
7:44 Grabbing that affiliate's link from the Link Generator section of their account
9:36 Referral link creation example 3: How to brush your teeth to stop tooth decay
10:09 More details for link creation for a video
11:51 Another way to generate the link for a specific affiliate ( and  an important note on the "Who is driving the traffic" section)
12:56 Process recap (for what to do AFTER you make sure the link doesn't already exist)


How to update article formatting on WP

High level points of focus:

Clean up formatting
Emphasize more white space using hard line breaks
Establish subheads- use 'heading 4' for subheads
Update content with links to new articles, videos, ebooks, etc.
Put link text as article title OR SEO friendly keyword rich phrases
Example: "We find foods that cause tooth decay tend to be..."
or...  "In our article 'What foods undermine our oral health'..."
Example of what not to do: "In this article, we discuss..."
When placing links, make sure to click the 'open in new window' check box in link settings.
Use bulleted or numbered lists when appropriate
Create 'helpful, related resources' if not on article

Timestamp highlights:

1:00 Content is most important
1:50 Why formatting is important
2:40 links, formatting, images, helpful, related resources, product, testimonial sidebar
3:00 Copyblogger article - salient points
6:00 Ora article reviews
6:10 ‘what to eat to create greater oral health’
6:40 big sub heads - We use header4 setting
6:50 use block quotes
7:20 ‘What causes tooth decay” article demo
8:30 ‘how oil pulling improves oral health’ article demo
         Different styles of embedding links
         (commonly use article title or SEO-friendly ‘buzzword’ or phrase)
11:00 Starting to edit ‘what to eat to create greater oral health’ article
13:30 Establish subheads and establish line breaks
14:30 Change to ‘what causes tooth decay’ article as demo
15:30 Make image centered without text wrapping
16:00 Fixing links
17:30 Editing real time
20:45 Bulleted list (delete then return…)

21:52 Adding links within the article (and making sure they open in a new tab)
23:29 Weaving links into the first couple paragraphs for SEO points
26:18 Use line breaks to break up content and call out important points
27:10 Images within the article - use "Preview" to check the formatting
28:35 Adding more subheads to break up long spans of text
29:19 More line breaks and creating block quotes
30:31 Changing "bad bugs" to "thug bugs"
33:57 Replacing vague phrases like "in the next article" with descriptive language or article titles
42:15 Adding the "Helpful, Related Resources" section (list of links inside the article)
43:21 Using Shift + Return to create a single line break instead of a double
48:52 Special note about putting video resources in the "Helpful, Related Resources" section
         (put two brackets [[   ]] around videos to prevent automatic embedding)
50:20 Reviewing your formatting work
51:07 Selecting categories for the article
51:33 Setting the featured image (which will be the thumbnail when you see the article in the "Blog" section - 225 x 225 pixels)
53:00 Adding a product to the right of the article (accompanying image size should be around 280 x 280 pixels)
55:17 Adding testimonials to the right of the article
55:54 Using testimonials as the Featured Product Description
56:43 Reviewing your work one last time

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