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Summit Bonus Package

The following bonus materials have been generously donated to us to offer to you as support tools to assist you along your path to greater oral health. We are very grateful for these offerings. Please contact these experts directly if you have any questions regarding these educational materials.

Top 10 Tips for Detoxing Mercury by Dr. Alison Adams, the 'Mouth/Body Doctor' and author of the Natural Recovery Plan

Want to know how to rid your body of mercury? Dr Alison Adams, a dentist AND naturopathic doctor, offers some simple steps that anyone can integrate into their life to help remove mercury from the body. In her 15 page report, Dr Adams goes into detail with specific strategies each of us can apply to assist us in ridding our cells of this nasty neurotoxin and achieving a life clear of mind clouding, nerve frying mercury!

Top 10 Tips for Detoxing Mercury

FREE Chapter from Whole Body Dentistry by Dr Mark Breiner, author of Whole Body Dentistry

(Note: this file is an .epub file and is opened by any kindle like tool or by downloading Adobe digital editions for free) Dr Mark Breiner shared his broad knowledge and experience with us here in the HealThy Mouth World Summit. He has graciously donated the chapter on root canals from his classic book, Whole Body Dentistry. If you have root canals or have been told you need a root canal, you owe it to yourself to read this chapter first! Knowledge is power. By knowing the risks and benefits of any health procedure we consider, we are much, much more empowered to make informed, wise decisions.

Download Free chapter of Whole Body Dentistry


Guide to Safe Dentistry by Will and Susan Revak, founders of OraWellness

Welcome to dental self empowerment... Would you like to know what questions to ask a dentist to help determine if that dentist is ideally trained and of a whole body mindset to assist you and your family along your path to greater oral health? Well, we have created this special report for you. Not only do we offer specific questions to ask a dentist, we also offer substantial commentary of what answers to look for, follow up questions to ask and ideal answers to these questions. By using this report to interview dentists, you will be taking massive action to create positive changes in your health.

Download the OraWellness Guide to Safe Dentistry  


A Month of Wellness Mama Mealplans by Katie, the Wellness Mama

If you are looking to navigate to greater oral health in your home, this meal plan will be a tremendous help to get you heading in the right direction! Katie, the Wellness Mama shares with us a month of meals laid out for you in this bonus offer. Not only do you get all the meals for a month, but the bonus gets you shopping lists that go with the meal plan too.

Download Wellness Mama One Month Meal Plans


Diminishing Oral Health... What is at the Heart of the Matter? By Jonathan Cotter, MD, OMD, LAc

If you truly want to educate yourself within an integrated understanding of oral health with the health of the whole being, you are in for a treat! Dr Jon Cotter is a medical doctor, a doctor or oriental medicine and a licensed acupuncturist! Dr Cotter goes into detail how Traditional Chinese Medicine connects oral health with various internal organ systems in the body. Truly an amazing journey to look through the eyes of one of the most educated doctors we have the pleasure of knowing.

Download Diminishing Oral Health... What is the Heart of the Matter?

The Impact of Nasal Breathing on Oral Health by Melinda Nelson, certified Buteyko breathing method trainer

Ever wondered why some people have less energy, tend to have mouth problems, and end up being sicker than others? How they habitually breathe very well may play a big role into their overall health. Melinda Nelson, a trainer in the Buteyko breathing method shares with us how nasal breathing positively impacts our oral health in so many ways! For anyone looking for a holistic way to improve their oral health (and whole being wellness), this is a keeper for sure!

Download Nose Breathing Help Oral Wellness?

When Conventional Dentistry is Necessary by John Sorrentino, DMD

Dr John Sorrentino, the Paleo Dentist as we like to call him, shares with us how conventional dentistry can help address specific oral health situations. While he stresses the importance of the immunological health of the individual, Dr John offers ideas how what would be considered taboo dental procedures may not be as bad as they seem.

Download When Conventional Dentistry is Necessary

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